Our weekly Karaoke shows will

resume Wednesday, Dec 14th

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iran javan interview with DJ Bliss on the 1st Persian Karaoke Show




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DJ Bliss – The host!

blissAras needs no introduction. As Canada’s only Celebrity Persian DJ, he is recognized for his innovative ideas and he has made it his personal commitment to be there every Wedensday personally to host the 1st official Karaoke Show inside the luxurious Westin Prince’s Tachara. Although this event is very small compared to the thousands of people he performs for at big concerts, he cherishes this event more as its so intimate and allows his fans to interact with him and him with them on a personal level, he says.

Although he does not DJ during the show, his stage presence and hosting makes your night one memorable one, full of fun, laughter and moments to be cherished; keeping you coming back for more!

DJ Ardy

DJ ardy toronto DJ Ardy is one of Mehmooni.ca’s proud members! He is multi-talented who can DJ, MC, Producer and musician who can play the full percussion set and who knows.. maybe he will sing for you as well!

Find Ardalan on the DJ decks every Wednesday alongside DJ Bliss.



pouya koohgivi Pouya is an industry insider. Working at TEN TV in the station Director capacity, as well as being the Executive Director of 1st Art Nation which hosts some of the biggest Iranian concerts across Canada, has made him a true asset in the Entertainment world and Mehmooni.ca is proud to have him as a friend and a supporter who makes regular appearances at our weekly shows! Also worth mentioning that Pouya was a member of Iran’s Taekwondo National team and continues to teach this martial art form in Canada.


elyx djElyx is Canada’s 1st & only Iranian Female DJ. She has been with Mehmooni.ca for over 2 years and has attended tens of events of various sizes with and without us. Lets give her a round of applause for coming through professionally as a DJ and do come out to hear her mix at the beginning of our nights!


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Doors Open…

Persian Palace’s doors will open, our weekly show happens inside this luxurious venue located near Yonge & Elgin Mills intersection, conveniently located in Richmond Hill and we will have some Loungy/Deep House; Persian House music to welcome you with! You can indulge the great food selection, drink specials, order bottles and get ready for the night.

~ 10PM
The Show begins

Our karaoke Show begins and wonder why we call it a “show” because people sing in front of the intimate and welcoming audience! Share your hidden talents with us… You can get up, request your song (if we have it in our data base of 1000 Persian Songs and 1200 English songs) and sing it or simply kick back and Enjoy as others sing!

~ 11:00PM
Karaoke again…

We get back to singing some more… and at this time its much more exciting, funny, intimate as everybody is much more comfortable thanks to our very own DJ Bliss, breaking the ice since 9:30PM!

~ 12PM - 1AM
Dance Time ♬ !!!

Some people join us for a drink, some amazing food or just to sing. But we ARE the hottest spot in TORONTO for a mid-week social night. So, if you’re with us to celebrate a birthday, engagement, graduation, anniversary or whatever your reason… this is again another chance that you’d have to get up and dance it off so if you’re staying, come in prepared and bring your dancing shoes too!


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Please notice that having your tickets purchased ensures that your seats are reserved for you all night long.

Alternatively you can call us and reserve your spot and pay on the spot; in which case you only have until 9:30PM to claim your seats and after that they will be given away on first come, first serve basis. So to ensure entry, it is strongly suggested that you reserve your seats here.


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Stay in touch

We strongly suggest that you purchase your tickets. For reservations call us and remember we can only hold your seats until 9PM without purchasing tickets.